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A Good Workout Should Leave You Feeling Exhausted

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66% of Americans are vigorous or overweight. This means that 66% of us must be thinner. The problem is that everyone is looking for the "magic slug" that will shape it and reduce it to a typical size without making any effort. Most Americans are frustrated with the type and strength of activity that should lead to rapid weight loss. Much of the mess comes from the so-called "Fat Burning Zone", the perfect area to copy fat. This zone was represented by half to 65% of the most extreme impulse. Individuals have been convinced that the most astonishing measure of fat is sung when performing low energy work. A high-performance workout, between 70% and 90% of the most extreme pulses consumes more calories than a medium or low power workout. Also, the rate of digestion remains higher after training with high power than after training with less force. More calories are compressed when the body is fully recovered. This caloric expenditure after exercise results in a much faster weight loss than a low or moderate exercise.



Why not look at the numbers more closely? About half of the calories consumed come from fat resulting from low-intensity exercise. When you increase the power, the percentage of vitality consumed by the fat decreases to about 40% when the forces are high. This could lead you to the conclusion that it would be better to practice at low power. You would not be right yet. What is ignored is that, although the consumption of calories from fat is lower, the consumption of absolute calories is much higher, which increases the total amount of fat consumed at high power (by example, 10% out of 100). 10 is more remarkable than 100% of 5, which is only 5).





For the moment, the time has come for the denial of responsibility. Practicing with high power is tricky. It must be that you are 70% to 90% of your most extreme pulse. People who have not become accustomed to the practice of big powers often accept that they are damaged here and there, because it is tedious for a short time when, in fact, the charge of the exercise ceases. Also, high performance for a stationary, elderly, aged person is not synonymous with great strength for 15-year-old high school players that I pack. The ideal preparation is the ideal approach to familiarize high-performance pre-seasoning with a young bird. This is a high power time of 20 to 30 seconds, followed by a low power time to recover.





Recovery periods are exceptionally long since the beginning, unlike periods of high power. In any case, the recovery period decreases as well as the well-being improves. This makes perfect intermediate preparation for the young coach and the world-class competitor. Make sure you get approval from your PCP before starting an activity program.





When you realize that high-level training plans are the perfect way to stay in shape, eat fat and lose weight, you need to make sure you plan the right number of activities for which you have the opportunity to work hard. practice for which you also have a lot of energy recovery.

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