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The 3-Day Diet - A Bad Idea

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With the guarantee of rapid weight loss, the "3-day diet" has become a must since it was introduced in the mid-1980s. More or less, you are on a 3-day diet and then return to your normal diet for 5 days, then come back. Dinners during these 3 days are quite safe; For example, lunch could be a glass of fish, a little toast and an espresso. Dinner may consist of 3 ounces of chicken meat or lean meat, a cup of green beans, a cup of carrots, an apple and a cup of dessert.


When searching for points of interest, suggestions are displayed. Frozen yogurt and sausage in the menus. Do Atkins Diets currently have what type of diet program contains things that are also high in fat? What is obvious is that dinners are extremely small, so the calorie counter can lose a lot of weight, especially the weight of the water.


Crazy diets, for example, are usually more dangerous than valuable. First of all, water is an essential element of the cosmetics of our body and can not be liberated without antagonistic influences. For example, kidney damage and drought. Then, a sudden restriction of your calories places your body in so-called starvation mode. As you continue your usual eating routine, your body tends to store more vitality than expected in terms of fat and weight.
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